Nelson Yong is a Brand Director, Entrepreneur, Marketing Strategist and Consultant who has actively helped build brands and companies like Microsoft, Intel, Dell, Aston Martin and Thompson Hotel through strategic marketing and business development. He stopped by the show to clarify what it truly means to have a taste for luxury and style, how to keep big name companies/ clients happy, personalizing your branding in niche markets and more.

Keep Your Clients Happy feat. Nelson Yong


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Last time, Zea Lingard stopped by the show to inform us on how she manages to pursue other endeavors while maintaining her image as a model for various runaway shows, commercial work, etc. Now she’s an entrepreneur and business owner for her brand ‘Model Basics’ which is a one stop shop for all model needs, to ensure they arrive prepared for their modeling gigs. With this new role, we talk about why she has to put modeling on the side to grow the business, working with Shopify, modeling tips for those entering the industry, the difference between copying and being inspired and more.

More Than A Model Part 2 feat. Zea Lingard


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Karen Okonkwo & Joshua Kissi recently launched TONL, a company that seeks to transform the idea of stock photography into something more innovative. Through this company, they plan to help diminish stereotypes, share the stories of every day people and prove that diversity matters.

Stock Photo Diversity feat. TONL (Karen Okonkwo & Joshua Kissi)


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Avi Soor stopped by the show to talk about how the blogging scene is now over saturated and why he’s choosing to focus more on consulting and entrepreneurship. As the co-founder of the Seattle Gents, he express his love for menswear and how collaborations with brands & companies have helped grow the fashion scene in Seattle.

Suits, Socks & Shoes feat. Avi Soor


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The new season of Cognac Small Talk is finally here. Anthony J.R. took time off from the show to learn more about himself and see what truly inspires him as a media personality. He talks about this transition, his love hate relationship with J.Crew and filtering your audience via social media to reduce the noise on the internet.

It’s Nothing Personal


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