It’s All Subjective – 9/25/2019

Topic: Is Social Media The Modern Day Resume?

Summary: In today’s day and age, social media has been one of the biggest factors in growing a brand, business and has even gotten many people hired. We update our social media accounts more often than our resume and many creatives and entrepreneurs have said they haven’t used their resume in years.

Mike Garrett (@ayyomikeg): Marketing Manager
Ribicca Mamuye (@iamabyssinia): Blogger
Victoria Kovios (@visionbykovios): Photographer
Endurance Weke (@curatorofcool): Stylist

This panel was sponsored by both ATLAS Workbase & Cognac Small Talk. Video by ZOOM video webinar. The audio version is available on Cognac Small Talk and here.

Location: Atlas Workbase
Photos: Anthony Smith of Soul Breathing Photography.