It’s All Subjective – 11/20/2019

Topic: Is Building Community More Important Than Networking?

Summary: The narrative for some is that it’s tough to build a community outside of work when you’re attached to a 9 to 5 job. Others have also stated that networking sometimes can be seen as a one-sided conversation: What can you do for me? But what if you’re networking for the intent of building community and what if the community you’re building exists within your 9 to 5 job?

Anthony Kerr (@thinkgoodthoughts): Founder of The Collective Seattle
Angelina Howard (@jadoremarie_): President of BEN w/ Amazon
Sage Quiamno (@sageq): Co-Founder of Future For Us
Avi Soor (@suitedsoor): Co-Founder of Seattle Gents

This panel was sponsored by both ATLAS Workbase & Cognac Small Talk. Video by ZOOM video webinar. The audio version is available on Cognac Small Talk and here.

Location: Atlas Workbase
Photos: Anthony Smith of Soul Breathing Photography.