Cocktails with Cognac

Cocktails with Cognac was a video series created, making the best tasting cocktails with cognac. It was created during the first wave of the pandemic when we couldn’t go out to have drinks. Hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. all have their own way making cocktails at home…this was my version.

The Gentlemen’s Club – Anthony J.R. created this cocktail for the cigar lovers, which pays tribute to the “vintage luxury” lifestyle back in the 1950’s. This cocktail features Martell Cognac. Enjoy at home, a cigar lounge, hotel balcony or an actual gentlemen’s club…if they let you.
Guilty Pleasure – Anthony J.R. considers this cocktail to be sweet and sensual, giving both ladies and those easing into consuming cognac a tasty yet refreshing experience. It includes both Remy Martin Cognac & Havana Club Rum. Enjoy during an intimate date, your girlfriends or alone, with your favorite R&B or Neo-soul record on repeat.
Allure Punch – The cocktail features #SalignacCognac and has been considered a classier way to consume a nostalgic drink. If you’re ever hosting a group of friends and can’t decide on what to offer, make them this. It’s refreshing and they’ll love it.
Dirty Sprite – Let’s face it, you can’t go to a club expecting a great-tasting cocktail. For that reason, you need a go-to drink. Something simple. This one features Hennessy Cognac.
Just Relax – This is a twist on the popular Manhattan cocktail. It’s pretty much the same thing: just swapping out the whiskey with cognac, preferably Courvoisier cognac. Taste smooth and just as good.
The Winner’s Circle – This cocktail is celebratory, so you drink this when you get that new gig or with your close friends on the weekend. It features Landy’s Cognac and can be considered an elevated mimosa or a better version of a French 75 cocktail.