It’s always a pleasure being invited to attend Bellevue Fashion Week. I’ve always admired the time and dedication the Bellevue Collection team spends in making their shows prestige. I was able to attend all shows, Thursday through Saturday as media. The fashion scene in Bellevue & Seattle has always catered to women more than men, because women simply are more into style and fashion over the men here but I want to try to bring more men’s fashion into the mix. A couple of my friends over here feel the same way and although it’ll take a village to bring that change, I do understand why Bellevue Collection does this. Believe it or not, Friday night, I was the only male in the media seating (once again, isn’t a bad thing) but I want to push for that change. The swag bags were fire. I got one of those alligator bags again; everyone always thinks it’s made by Gucci but I just roll with it. Haaha. Cheers to more fashion shows nonetheless.

I pulled up to Banana Republic right before drinks with a friend and saw that Kevin Love had a designer collection entitled, BR/K.LOVE-18. He has a couple nice pieces in the collection but what stood out the most to me was the jacket above. I forgot exactly the price on this seasonal jacket, but it’s a little over $400. I tried it on and realized I’m in between a medium and a large. The medium would give me a real nice, fitted look and the large would be a little looser but offer much more flexibility. Plus, I’m actively working out so I’d want it to last a bit longer. I have to come back, I’m still thinking about whether I’d make the purchase or not. Nonetheless, this is a good look for Kevin Love. For this being his first collection, he and his team did a pretty good job.

Now, let me say this real quick: this is the first time the whole team (Laidback Allure) has been in one place at the same time and it was documented. Very rare photo, so let’s take some time to appreciate it. Haa.

Anyways, Bravern Fashion Week went smooth. It was something refreshing, due to not only it being the first time The Bravern shops hosted a fashion week, but a lot of good friends and energy throughout various events. To add some context, The Bravern is home to several luxury retail shops, including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, David Lawrence, Hermes Neiman Marcus, which houses brands like Tom Ford, Balenciaga, and so many more stores, so it only makes sense for them to host a fashion week, right?  I attended the opening party, luxury retail shopping panel, surrounding topics like fashion, music and art and of course, the runway show.

The panel was moderated by my friend, Nelson Yong and featured Matthew Klutznick, General Manager of The Bravern, Richard Samuelson, Vice President/ General Manager of Neiman Marcus in Bellevue, WA and David Lawrence, General Manager and owner of the David Lawrence store at The Bravern. The panel was probably my favorite event. I’ve been talking about improving the lifestyle and luxe of the Puget Sound Area in Seattle for along time. It’s a long story so I won’t go into it too much but what was discussed just resonated a lot with me and the conversations I’ve had with people at dinners, events, etc.

Towards the end of the night, we really gravitated to Matthew, we’ll be having lunch at John Howie’s to talk about how we can either partner or be an asset to the fashion week next year. I’ll keep you all updated on that.

I’ve been building a relationship with the Jim Beam Suntory team over in the Seattle area and it’s been nothing less than great. I think what’s cool about this, is that it’s genuine. It’s not very often that you build relationships with companies, businesses or individuals representing those tiers that truly believe in what you’re creating so I’m always fortunate. I was invited personally to an event in conjunction with Seattle Whiskey Week that they were hosting. The event was casino themed, including various tables for poker, black jack, craps, etc. There were several tasting booths to sample different alcoholic spirits that are housed under the Jim Beam brand. Also want to take this time to thank them for being a sponsor for our anniversary event with Cloud Room, people loved the Jim Beam Black watch and the bottle that came with it (valued at $300). I did a lot of networking at this event and can’t disclose all that was mentioned but just pay attention to details next year. I’m giving some buffer time to that previous statement just because I’m currently speaking “that” into existence, in my mind. Haaha.

This summer, I’ve found myself being at the Thompson Hotel’s Nest rooftop more often than expected. Not necessarily because of the ambience but because recently all the meet ups happened to be here. For those that know me, personally, know that I don’t like coming to the same places within a week unless it has to deal with some type of work just because it seems repetitive and draining but my experience this time was a bit different. With me conducting business within the lifestyle and hospitality industry comes down to one simple thing: repetition is key. When bartenders become familiar with you, from visiting often, that turns into a relationship where now the bartender is keeping your glass filled as you continue to fill their tip jar, if that makes sense. It’s just like knowing the security guard at the club. If he/ she is familiar with you and you’ve built a relationship with them, what makes you think they’ll make you wait in line on a Saturday night? Build those relationships every time you come into a place of business; you never know what will spawn from just saying what’s up.

Lately, I’ve gotten bored with just going to the gym. My routine is pretty stagnant; I run about 5 miles or so on the treadmill and do various arm, chest, ab, leg & back workouts depending on the day. With that being said, I’ve been looking into different kickboxing (Muay Thai) & boxing facilities just to added that change to my lifestyle. From what I’ve heard, taking classes in either helps relieve stress, strengthen your mentality, improves self-defense and is obvious great for staying in shape. I sat in on the Muay Thai class and I was impressed. The students were so good, so it was almost intimidating. Luckily it’s not intimating enough haaha. Plan on doing the same for boxing and making my decision before the summer ends. We’ll see.

Man, the Laidback Allure team went 5/5 earlier this month, which for those that need clarity means we were apart of a series of events back to back for 5 days straight, whether we were curating the event, hosting the event or having to show face all during the 4th of July weekend. A lot of stress and anxiety during the time because not only are doing events at the same time as other people but also attendance is never guaranteed, even if you paid prior to showing up. Nonetheless, we did it though. Shoutout to the friends that promoted. Shoutout to the friends that came through. Big shoutout to those that paid to attend and didn’t show up. FOMO is real ladies and gentlemen. The proof is all on the LBA site. Haa.

I’m always at Joey’s eating lunch or dinner, indulging in champagne whether it be complimentary or not. It’s also a Canadian restaurant chain based in Vancouver, BC, which also plays apart in why I like the ambience.  But for some reason, this time I was there and gravitated to the champagne display and set up. First thought was why don’t we implement something like this into our events? Second thought was oh yeah, we have a fully staffed bar for our events already. Maybe it can be complimentary for LBA guests, but just not in the current venue space we’ve acquired. It’s just an idea; give me some time.

It’s hard for me to not use iPhone notes, especially because I’m always on my phone and on the move, haha. With that being said, I don’t want to give the impression that I’ll post here every single day. This is just a place for me to express thoughts and ideas that come to me, throughout my experiences, whenever I have time. You might find some enticing, some boring or even better..useful. But that’s not the point. The point is you’re here, on my site, which I’m grateful for. Thank you.