Bellevue Fashion Week 2018

It’s always a pleasure being invited to attend Bellevue Fashion Week. I’ve always admired the time and dedication the Bellevue Collection team spends in making their shows prestige. I was able to attend all shows, Thursday through Saturday as media. The fashion scene in Bellevue & Seattle has always catered to women more than men, because women simply are more into style and fashion over the men here but I want to try to bring more men’s fashion into the mix. A couple of my friends over here feel the same way and although it’ll take a village to bring that change, I do understand why Bellevue Collection does this. Believe it or not, Friday night, I was the only male in the media seating (once again, isn’t a bad thing) but I want to push for that change. The swag bags were fire. I got one of those alligator bags again; everyone always thinks it’s made by Gucci but I just roll with it. Haaha. Cheers to more fashion shows nonetheless.

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