Seattle Whiskey Week

I’ve been building a relationship with the Jim Beam Suntory team over in the Seattle area and it’s been nothing less than great. I think what’s cool about this, is that it’s genuine. It’s not very often that you build relationships with companies, businesses or individuals representing those tiers that truly believe in what you’re creating so I’m always fortunate. I was invited personally to an event in conjunction with Seattle Whiskey Week that they were hosting. The event was casino themed, including various tables for poker, black jack, craps, etc. There were several tasting booths to sample different alcoholic spirits that are housed under the Jim Beam brand. Also want to take this time to thank them for being a sponsor for our anniversary event with Cloud Room, people loved the Jim Beam Black watch and the bottle that came with it (valued at $300). I did a lot of networking at this event and can’t disclose all that was mentioned but just pay attention to details next year. I’m giving some buffer time to that previous statement just because I’m currently speaking “that” into existence, in my mind. Haaha.

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