Repetition Is Key

This summer, I’ve found myself being at the Thompson Hotel’s Nest rooftop more often than expected. Not necessarily because of the ambience but because recently all the meet ups happened to be here. For those that know me, personally, know that I don’t like coming to the same places within a week unless it has to deal with some type of work just because it seems repetitive and draining but my experience this time was a bit different. With me conducting business within the lifestyle and hospitality industry comes down to one simple thing: repetition is key. When bartenders become familiar with you, from visiting often, that turns into a relationship where now the bartender is keeping your glass filled as you continue to fill their tip jar, if that makes sense. It’s just like knowing the security guard at the club. If he/ she is familiar with you and you’ve built a relationship with them, what makes you think they’ll make you wait in line on a Saturday night? Build those relationships every time you come into a place of business; you never know what will spawn from just saying what’s up.

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