“It’s All Subjective”

Panel discussion with Anthony J.R.

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Cognac Small Talk with Anthony J.R. – Interview with Mister Martini

Mister Martini (@mister_martini) is a streetwear connoisseur from Vancouver, BC, who owns Dipt (@diptvancity), Vancouver’s longest-running streetwear and sneaker boutique and also owns Vancity Original (@vancityoriginal), a streetwear brand very popular in the British Columbia area. He joins Anthony J.R. to talk about the evolution of streetwear, starting and building a successful brand within the retail industry, and how today’s social media era plays a role in our we view fashion today.

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“Eventually one day, I’d like to look back and say, I did what I hated in order to do what I love while smoking a cigar, in a villa that I ownand it not be a vacation.”